Carlos Forns Bada was born in Madrid on March 23rd in1956 and spent his ten first years childhood in Seville, until 1966. Between 1973 and 1976 studies at the Madrid School of Architecture. In 1976, starts his Fine Arts studies in Madrid, leaving them in 1978

Since 1996 has collaborated with Bulgari and has made a large series of oil paintings which now are displayed at their shops in Rome, Madrid, Düsseldorf, Osaka, London,
New York and Milano. He lives and works between Madrid and Valencia, and has spent long terms painting in Rome.

His paintig, which was first linked to the "Figuración Madrileña" has a huge plasticity and shows hints of the poetic of Italian "Valori Plastici" and the Spanish pre-Civil War avant-garde, although is leaded by the memories of his childhood memories of the Seville gardens and his encounter with Nature«under the sign of Wonder», as well as his growing interest in scientific illustration.


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